In recent years, with the popularization of domestic astronomical knowledge 
and economic development, more and more domestic customers are not satisfied 
with a simple observation and photography, but need professional equipment to 
satisfy their yearning to explore the starry sky, leaving more gorgeous sky photos 
and observation images.

Starry Universe, Starry Skyscape

When photographing the stars in the sky, use with wide angle lens can achieve a much larger field of view, especially its easier access to foreground makes the whole image more detail-illustrated.

Quality Changes Life

Professional astrophotography telescope APO lens. The lens will deliver sharp and clear images thanks to an outstanding optical design. The astro camera lens is easy to use. Precise focusing with focuser in two modes of adjustment.

    Our corporation has been in the astronomical telescope profession for many years, ASKAR is possessed of perfect technology and we have a professional R&D team. The ACL200mm F4 lens is specially designed and developed for the optimization of astronomical photography, the quality is excellent, and structure using an integrated design, which can achieve good results in correct exposure and the depth of field. When using this lens for astrophotography or scenery photography, the flat field intensity, uniformity, achromatic aberration and sharpness of image have attained a good effect, which bring amateur star gazer clear visual effects and more possibilities for photography.

ACL 200mm F/4 Lens Features:

1. This 200mm focal length professional camera lens for astrophotography is a world first, features the appearance and structure of camera lens, integral design bring compact, lightweight and easy to use.

2. This lens is carefully designed to optimize the quality of image and create optimal performance, no need to attach complicated accessories, it is not have too big distinction in the usage of normal camera.

3. Excellent for chromatic aberration control, no need to worry that the chromatic halo in a photograph caused by normal camera lens and telescope.

4. Full frame photography and flat-field correction supported, it effectively corrects for chromatic aberration and produces superb images.

5. For astrophotography, F/4 is a fast focal ratio, which can effectively shorten the exposure time and reduce the burden of tracking accuracy of equatorial instrument for a long time.
6. For astrophotography, it adopts two focus modes: One is coarse adjustment (Helical Focuser), the other is 1mm micro adjustment, making the focus easily.

7. For landscape photography, it is optical optimized designed features F/4 -- F/22 aperture,thus it can be used for astrophotography and landscape either simultaneously or overlap. The shortest focusing distance is 3 meters.

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