The 200mm focal length professional photography camera lens is a world first, which adopt the camera lens appearance and structure using an integrated design, compact and lightweight, and easy to use.
It eliminates the needs for complicated accessories to take photos with the unique optical design for image optimization, which is not much difference in ordinary camera lens use.
The lens is specially designed and developed for the optimization of astronomical photography, and takes into account the camera lens photography function, superior quality, lightweight, and easy to use, which is a groundbreaking product that perfectly combines the telescope lens and camera lens. Using this lens to take photos of deep space and starry sky, star aberration is significantly improved, peripheral distortion is reduced, chromatic aberration control is excellent, which bring you clear visual effects and more possibilities for photography.

The ACL200 is excellent for chromatic aberration control, no need to worry that the chromatic halo in a photograph caused by normal camera lens and telescope. It supports full frame photography and flat-field correction, it effectively corrects for chromatic aberration and produces superb images. For astrophotography, F/4 is a fast focal ratio, which can effectively shorten the exposure time and reduce the burden of tracking accuracy of equatorial instrument for a long time.

This lens is designed with triplet of six lenses, among which two pieces of ED ultra-low dispersion glass are added, making it better than ordinary lens in reducing chromatic aberration and have clearer image.