Welcome to use brand new ASKAR FRA series! The FRA, which stands for "FLATFIELD REFRACTIVE ASTRAGRAPH", is a refractive astrograph designed for built-in flat field correction. FRA also used in visual observation, this series creates versatile high-quality flat frame images for astrophotography, is the few great telescope of versatile optical tube.
Adhering to easily convert lens Parameters, our first FRA series product is quintuplet Petzval like telescope with 400mm focal length, f/5.6 and 72mm aperture, including two special ED glasses. 44mm full frame image circle is supported.
The telescope tube, with its push-fit dew shield, the 3" large rack-and-pinion focuser for microdriving adjustment in astrophotography and observation is including 360°rotator and 2" adapter ring and 1.25" eyepiece adapter with M68x1 thread.
It’s excellent in controlling and possibly avoiding chromatic aberrations, the image quality is also optimized to satisfy the customers of requirement.
It’s worth mentioning that FRA 400/5.6 has a pair of multifunctional attachment tube rings owns the patent, it’s not all style and no substance though, the FRA shows well-conceived design and has a practical three-sided mounting platform, which is convenient for attaching various accessories for photography.

ASKAR FRA 400/5.6 APO Astrograph has a back focus of 140mm, no need to calculate the distance, when attach your photographic equipment, you will see an in-focus image.
Being stocky and portable, ASKAR FRA400/5.6 can combine with various accessories, also simple to use, is an effective and very versatile photo / visual companion.

A focal ratio of F5.6 is relatively ‘fast’ for telescope or astrophotography, however, in order to meet the needs of pro-level astronomers, we specially designed a special ultra-short focal reducer FRA72RD, combine use with FRA400/5.6, you can achieve a optically faster F3.9 focal ratio to reduce the exposure time, full frame is also supported, which is very rare type of refractor telescopes. 
FRA400/5.6 is designed to “astrograph should meet satisfactory observation experience to enjoy capturing extended deep-sky objects, offering simpler configuration and better optical performance”. It would provide a significantly better user experience.

ASKAR FRA 400 / 5.6