Colour Magic 6nm D Filter Package
Colour Magic 6nm D Filter Package
For all astrophotography enthusiasts, filters are one of the indispensable accessories to achieve perfect deep-sky imaging. The dedicated astronomy filters for deep-sky imaging can effectively eliminate the influence from the background light and enhance the contract of your photographs and make the targets displayed more clearly and delicately. Askar’ s new-launched 6nm deep-sky Duo-narrowband Filter set colour Magic is a professional astrophotography tool specifically designed for deep-sky imaging.

This 6nm filter set has a narrow bandwidth. Therefore, even if your are at an area affected by the urban light pollution, night glow and other undesired light, you can capture high-quality deep-sky pictures with the help of Askar 6nm Duo-narrowband Filters. The narrower bandwidth and efficient light transmission considerably enhance the contrast of your pictures, making it easier to display the details of the stars that otherwise are fairly difficult to spot.

At the same time, the Colour Magic 6nm deep-sky Duo-narrowband Filter has very good halation control, providing more contribution to your astrophotography.

After the 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter (Hα+OIII), Askar ColourMagic Specially launches the SII+OIII 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter, which is further convenient for astronomy enthusiasts while maintaining quality. When shooting with the 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter (Hα+OIII) and a color camera, users will have remarkable results.

Usually in astrophotography, the Hα signal-to-noise ratio is stronger while the OIII is relatively weak. As our two duo-narrowband filters are Hα+OIII and SII+OIII, the combination can balance the signal-to-noise ratio of each channel when shooting, and after software processing, it can achieve the ideal result almost as well as shooting with a combination of three narrowband filters and mono camera.

We name the  Hα+OIII 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter “D1” and the SII+OIII filter “D2”, the combination of them is Askar's latest "D" filter set. It offers a new way for color camera users to get similar results without using a mono camera and the SHO filters.

The Askar D filter set offers a new option for astronomy enthusiasts and is sure to please.